Jeenee Mobile - The not for profit Australian telecommunications company

Data SIMs are here! Two great value data only plans, so you can take the internet everywhere you go! Plus if you bundle with a Jeenee Mobile SIM Pack you'll receive a discount

We believe being in business means Making A Difference in people's lives 

That's why every SIM Pack connected contributes to donated mobile services to people living with disability, through our Make A Difference Program

✔  $200 Standard Included Value
✔  250MB included data
✔  Texts included in standard value
✔  Unlimited Jeenee2Jeenee calls
✔  Month to month  no lock-in!

25 connected = 1 donated service


✔  $500 Standard National Call Value
✔  1.5GB included data
​✔  Unlimited texts
✔  Unlimited Jeenee2Jeenee calls
✔  Month to month  no lock-in!

15 connected = 1 donated service


✔  $650 Standard National Call Value
✔  3GB included data
​✔  Unlimited texts
✔  Unlimited Jeenee2Jeenee calls
✔  Month to month  no lock-in!

5 connected = 1 donated service


What your SIM Pack supports
Your connection helps us donate Smart Phone Packs to people living with disability

Access to technology   Confidence building   Peace of mind

People who've never used a mobile before are now connected with family and friends through customised, easy to use phones and tablets


People are independently catching public transport, calling their family and friends and going shopping on their own for the first time in their lives


People are getting out and about more, knowing they have the back-up of a 24/7 Emergency HELP Service and
GPS Locator Service

Helping everyone be connected
Affordable plans, smartphone technology made easy

SIM Packs   Smart Phone Packs   Make A Difference Program

Amazing value BYO plans, no lock-in contract, friendly Australian service and fantastic Optus coverage, from $15/month


Peace of mind with an easy to use phone or tablet, HELP Button, 24/7 Emergency HELP and GPS Locator Services


People living with disability can apply for a donated Smart Phone Pack valued
at $840 each





Our parent company Community Connections Australia is a registered charity, helping people living with disability for over 26 years. Jeenee Mobile is a trading name of Community Connections Australia ABN 15 061 460 133.