Customer Stories

Customer Stories

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I am impressed by the customer service at jeenee. I highly recommend it to everyone! Service has been great with no hiccups from day one! Very friendly and helpful. This is value without compromising quality!
It feels great to be helping the community instead of a big corporation
All my family recently switched to Jeenee Mobile. Now we enjoy the professionalism of their customer service a lot!
The person I spoke to was absolutely lovely and actually fun to talk to, which you never find with jaded larger company employees.
Just signed up for Jeenee Mobile. Excited for a great deal and making a difference. What a great organisation!
Amazing customer service. Professional, polite, helpful. Good job. Glad I switched.

Stories from the people we help


Adrian is a community volunteer, who loves bowling and Toastmasters, and lives with cerebral palsy. Adrian says he now can’t live without his Jeenee Mobile tablet as it gives him greater independence and peace of mind. “Knowing the HELP Service is just a press of a button away makes me feel wonderful and secure when I go out on my own.”

I never thought I’d be able to use a mobile phone… I thought it would be too hard to operate the small buttons and to be able to hold the phone and put it to my ear.

With his Jeenee Mobile tablet on hand, Adrian caught public transport independently in his wheelchair for the first time in 69 years. “I’m a great believer in getting out in the community. We don’t talk about our disability, we talk about our ability.”


Jess is a talented professional photographer and designer, who lives with cerebral palsy.

In the past I’ve experienced a great deal of hassle while conversing with phone companies. This was a result of my cerebral palsy preventing me from signing their contracts and being unable to give verbal authorisation, so my phone was always in my parents’ name. As soon as I stepped into the world of Jeenee Mobile it was amazing how smooth and easy it was.

Jess has no expressive speech and uses an iPad with Assistive Chat installed to communicate. She’s always used a mobile phone for keeping in contact with her family, friends and clients via text, which has been difficult for her to use due to the size of the keys and the small screen. Jess now uses our Jeenee Mobile system with BIG Launcher (Jeenee Mobile edition) installed on a Samsung Galaxy Note II device, with a large screen. As Jess is often on location she likes to have our HELP Service as a back-up, in case something happens when she’s alone. Jess communicates with our HELP Centre by text.

You can view Jess’ photography and design work at


Susan lives with Down Syndrome and has difficulties with literacy. Her Jeenee Mobile was set up with BIG Launcher (Jeenee Mobile edition) featured on a single screen, on a Samsung Galaxy SII phone. Susan's primary contacts are her parents who live intrastate, who've been set up as picture dials on the screen. She contacts our HELP Service daily, often just to say hello.

Susan says her Jeenee Mobile makes her feel safer and more confident in the community.

Note: name and photo have been replaced for privacy reasons


Melanie lives with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and is a professional working in the Health Sector. She's increasingly found it difficult to use her office phone due to her MS and was looking for a solution to enabling her to continue to work. Melanie uses a Jeenee Mobile solution installed on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" (4G) tablet with BIG Launcher (Jeenee Mobile edition) and a Bluetooth mouse. She's recently installed the Tecla Shield to interface her tablet with her wheelchair ECU controls and is able to get on with her work.

Note: name and photo have been replaced for privacy reasons


Donna lives with a learning difficulty. She contacted the Jeenee Mobile HELP Service complaining she felt extremely unwell and was experiencing a panic attack. A HELP Centre consultant asked Donna if she wanted an ambulance to attend and immediately contacted 000. Our consultant stayed on the phone until the ambulance arrived to reassure her and then spoke to the ambulance officers when they arrived.

Note: name and photo have been replaced for privacy reasons


Ben lives with an acquired brain injury. He uses a Jeenee Mobile with two screens. On the first screen Ben has all of his family set up as direct picture dials and our Jeenee Mobile HELP Button. On the second screen he has all the applications he enjoys including music and games downloaded from the Google Play Store. Ben works in supported employment and travels independently by bus.

He caught the wrong bus and called our HELP Centre, feeling lost and stressed. Our HELP Centre consultant was able to find Ben's location with the Jeenee Mobile GPS Locator Service installed on his phone. She then called his sister, listed as his primary contact, and arranged with her to pick him up. She told us his family spent many hours looking for Ben when he was lost in the past and they're now feeling a lot less worried, knowing they can quickly find him with Jeenee Mobile.

Note: name and photo have been replaced for privacy reasons


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