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Media and Awards

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Our Awards

In 2015 we were announced a Social Enterprise Awards Finalist.

We won Money Magazine's 2018 Best of the Best - Best Value Data Plans

We won Money Magazine's 2015 best value mobile plan - high usage, for our $35 SIM pack.

In 2015 we won the ACOMM award for Community Contribution for our work in making mobile technology and all of its benefits equally inclusive, accessible and affordable for people who live with a disability.

In 2012 we won the NSW Disability Industry Innovation Award.

Media Mentions

Going ‘3G Only’: Do The Pros Outweigh The Cons?

Lifehacker – 16/02/17

Nowadays, almost every smartphone on the market is proudly 4G capable. The majority of mobile phone plans have followed suit - with everyone from Telstra to Vaya offering 4G network connectivity as standard. Consequently, the idea of a "3G-only" plan sounds positively archaic.

However, there are significant benefits to a 3G plan, ranging from cheap prices to generous data allowances of up to 90GB a month. If speed isn't hugely important to you - or you live in an area with flaky 4G coverage - the plans in this roundup could be worth considering... Full article

Jeenee Mobile adds $20 Pennywise plan – 19/12/16

2.5GB of data for just $20 is a pretty tasty deal. If there’s one thing that has defined mobile plans in 2016, it’s the increasing value that you’ve been able to score for a relatively low sum.

Jeenee’s latest Pennywise Essentials plan is a case in point, offering unlimited standard national calls between Jeenee users, $200 worth of credit and 2.5GB of data for just $20 per month… Full article

Jeenee Mobile going big with Mammoth data plans – 9/9/16

Jeenee Mobile’s new high data Mammoth plans offer up to 30GB a month. MVNO Jeenee Mobile has gone big, launching two new “Mammoth” plans that combine unlimited standard national talk and text messages with large data allowances.

Both new plans run on the Optus 3G network, as opposed to the Optus 4G network like Jeenee Mobile’s other plans… Full article

Jeenee Mobile and SpinTel are offering 90 gigabytes of data

7 News – 13/01/16

Jeenee Mobile and SpinTel are offering 90 gigabytes of data, with unlimited calls and texts, for $70 a month. Watch online

The phone plans that could replace your home internet

Canstar Blue – 06/01/17

Mobile phone plans are getting bigger and bigger every year – so big in fact that they could even start to replace traditional fixed line internet services in Australian homes.

For most people, their smartphone is their gateway to the internet on the move, but once we return home we simply log back on to our Wi-Fi and save our mobile data for another day. This makes perfect sense of course, but what if you had a mobile phone plan packed with so much data that you no longer need a standard home broadband service? You could ditch your home phone and internet service and save a packet!... Full article

Review of Jeenee Mobile phone plans

Canstar Blue – 06/01/17

Jeenee Mobile is a unique Australian telco, as both a mobile service provider – and a social enterprise. It was founded as a non-profit business by disability services organisation Community Connections Australia, as a way to help disabled people better connect with their friends, family and support networks. In late 2015, its management converted Jeenee Mobile from a non-profit into a for-profit social enterprise to better facilitate its main objectives – providing great mobile service to Aussie customers, free service to disabled citizens and the development of better communications solutions. Now that you know what Jeenee Mobile is about, take a look at its plans and see how they stack up in this review from Canstar Blue... Full article

Mobile phone competition set to heat up

7 News – 22/11/16

Australians are looking at real competition among mobile phone providers. Helen Wellings reports. Watch online

The Cheapest Way To Buy An iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus In Australia

Lifehacker – 16/09/16

You've seen the contract prices, and you might be tempted to sign up and avoid paying upfront for your shiny new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus — but you could end up paying more for the same phone, calls and data than you need to. Here's how much you can save by buying up-front and choosing the right prepaid plan... Full article

ACOMM Award winner – Community Contribution

Communications Alliance Limited – 17/07/15

The individual category awards were taken out by a star-studded line-up of Australian service providers - featuring long-established players and ‘new faces’ – including Virgin Mobile Australia, Optus, Cloud Plus, Telstra, Jeenee Mobile, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, Megaport, Alcatel-Lucent, Pivotel Satellite and NetComm Wireless... Full Article.

Sensible deaf mobile plans

Choice – 21/05/15

The arrival of the smartphone was welcomed by the deaf and hard of hearing community as a valuable communication tool, making texting easier; also, access to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook opened up a new way to interact with friends and family. Unfortunately, almost all phone plans include a non-optional voice-call component – something a deaf person would find no use for in day-to-day communication.... Full article

Jeenee Mobile’s $15 Text SIM

Jeenee Mobile & Deaf Australia - 05/05/15

Deaf Australia is pleased to announce a partnership with not for profit telco, Jeenee Mobile who has today launched its Deaf friendly mobile plan and accessible customer service initiative. Access to a text and data plan without included voice calls, coupled with flexible third party access to customer service, answers years of lobbying from Deaf and hard of hearing people. These developments represent two firsts for Australian telecommunications... See release

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) video link about the new plan launched

Study proposes a new model for Deafblind access to telco services

ACCAN - 04/05/15

A new study launched today examines the barriers faced by many Deafblind consumers when accessing customer service call centres. The Assisted Access study by Able Australia, was funded through the ACCAN Grants Scheme and aimed to develop a model for Deafblind consumers to access their telco's customer service with ease and security... Full article

Jeenee Mobile nominated in 2015 Social Enterprise Awards

Social Traders - 04/05/15

Jeenee Mobile has been named as a finalist for the One to Watch Award in the 2015 Social Enterprise Awards. The national awards recognise excellence amongst businesses that are trading to deliver social or community benefit. Comprising 30 finalists from fives states, the shortlist represents some of the best and most innovative social enterprises, along with those organisations investing in and supporting social enterprises... Full article

business spectator logo

The right way to start a business

Business Spectator - 11/09/14

This week's family business profile is not exactly a family business. Well, there's a family involved and it's a business, but there's much more to it than that. I'm talking about a new Australian mobile phone company called Jeenee Mobile, based in Parramatta and scrambling towards break-even after 18 months... Full article

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Get mobile to find the best deals for your phone

A Current Affair - 23/07/14

In an A Current Affair Special Consumer report, we look at the tricks for finding the best deals on your phone and tell you why getting mobile on your provider could save you money... Full article

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Budget SIM-only plans with big data

The Sydney Morning Herald - 17/07/14

If you monitor the way many Australians are using their smartphone nowadays, you'll notice a big shift away from traditional calling and SMS messaging towards data-heavy tasks, like web browsing and social media. Luckily, the various Aussie telcos are watching this trend too and there is now a range of plans with big data inclusions at a reasonable monthly rate... Full article

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Affordable 4G: plans with speed and savings

The Sydney Morning Herald - 17/07/14

Jeenee is one of the new kids on the block, but is a network with a difference. Not only does it offer fast 4G service at affordable prices, but it is actually a not-for-profit organisation tasked with providing important mobile phone services to people living with a disability... Full article

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Jeenee Mobile: competitive phone plans for people living with disability or anyone who loves a bargain

WhistleOut - 22/05/14

Jeenee Mobile is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide important mobile services to members of our community living with a disability; but it goes way beyond selling the phone and network coverage. With a 24/7 Sydney-based call centre, Jeenee is also on hand to help subscribers with anything they need... Full article

whistleout logo

Lifetime Dedicated to Greater Independence

WhistleOut - 22/05/14

Jeenee Mobile is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide important mobile services to members of our community living with a disability; but it goes way beyond selling the phone and network coverage. With a 24/7 Sydney-based call centre, Jeenee is also on hand to help subscribers with anything they need... Full article

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Mobile technology provides a voice

Parramatta Sun - 25/02/14

Jessica Irwin is non-verbal and lives with a high level of cerebral palsy but that won't stop her sharing her ideas with the world. The 26-year-old entrepreneur was hired in February as a part-time graphic designer with not-for-profit Parramatta telco Jeenee Mobile, of which she is also a customer. Founded in 2010, Jeenee provides modified Android phones and tablets to help people living with disabilities communicate and live more independently... Full article

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Mike’s on target with bronze

North Shore Times - 18/12/13

Mike Karsenboom would jump through hoops to re-live another Special Olympics experience. The 21 year-old from St Ives came home with a bronze medal after beating another Australian basketball team... Full article

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Adrian Lynch is now more mobile than ever thanks to new, local technology

Parramatta Advertiser - 16/12/13

With little support available, Mr Lynch's family left their poultry farm in Bossley Park to attend the Spastics Centre (now Cerebral Palsy Alliance) in Mosman to help him become more mobile. Mr Lynch learned to walk when he was nine, it was a big step towards him gaining independence and now, sixty years later, he is taking another big step to gain more independence... Full article