Managing your account

Managing your account

Stay on track and on budget
With our range of easy usage monitoring tools

It's important to stay up to date with your account and how much of your allowance you're using each month to avoid bill shock. That's why we've developed multiple ways for you to easily keep track of your usage. You can check your usage on the go with our Jeenee Mobile Usage Monitor App, or view a more detailed summary of your account details and usage online by logging in to MyJeeneeMobile.

Jeenee Mobile usage monitor app

Keep up to date with how much data you're using with the Jeenee Mobile Usage Monitor App, available for iOS and Android. The app will show you how many calls, texts and data you've used, the details of your current plan, and the latest Jeenee Mobile news, promotions and events. Check your usage any time, at home or on the go, to make sure you're always on track.

Jeenee mobile app for iOS screenshot showing your plan details - calls, sms and data allowance Jeenee mobile app for iOS screenshot showing your mobile phone call, text message and data usage for the month Jeenee mobile app for iOS screenshot of the login page


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Jeenee Mobile Usage Monitor


using the jeenee mobile app when you're out and about

Here are just some of the features you get with our App

  • Check your call, text and data usage
  • Check your current plan details
  • View your phone number and name of your account holder
  • View the latest news, promotions and events from Jeenee Mobile and our partners

What do I need?

Anyone with a Jeenee Mobile account with an active plan can download and use the Jeenee Mobile Usage Monitor App for free. It is available for download on both iOS and Android phones.

Simply head to the iTunes Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device, search for the Jeenee Mobile App and begin the download. Or click one of the buttons above to take you directly to the App page.

using the jeenee mobile app when you're at home

Please note: The information provided on the usage monitor app is an estimate of your use of our service and is not real-time. Typically, mobile usage information is updated within 24 hours. Any charges shown include GST. Mobile data charges may apply for downloading this app. Some functions of the app may also use small amounts of data.


sign in to my jeenee mobile online portal to monitor your usage on your desktop computer

For a more detailed look at your account with us, or if the Jeenee Usage Monitor App is not available on your handset, you can sign in to MyJeeneeMobile online. This lets you look at detailed information about:

  • Your total call, SMS and data usage for your account and any other accounts in your name
  • Detailed breakdowns of how and when you've been using your service
  • Your bill history, with links to download your latest bill and any of your previous bills
  • Access to the GPS locator for any applicable services
  • Other important details such as the start date of your billing month, plan details and CIS documents