Jeenee Co-Pilot – Encouraging Safer Driving

Jeenee Co-Pilot – Encouraging Safer Driving

Jeenee Co-Pilot App & Plug In Device From $19.90p/m with Free Shipping

NEW Jeenee Co-Pilot Supports Independent P-Plate Drivers with Teamwork

We all want our kids to be safe, independent drivers. Jeenee Co-Pilot helps young drivers stay accountable on the road, without taking away their freedom. Teamwork encourages safer independent driving and peace of mind.

What Is Jeenee Co-Pilot?

The App for iOS & Android

The Jeenee Co-Pilot App allows young drivers and their parents to highlight areas where P-Platers can improve and track improvements. The App actively encourages teamwork between new and experienced drivers.

The Plug-In

Our innovative plug in device allows your car to talk with the App. It is compact, very simple to install and visible to drivers so teamwork is encouraged. Plug it into your OBD2 port so that new drivers can drive solo, remain independent but can learn from their inevitable mistakes so they don't become dangerous habits.

The Daily Report

A key tool in encouraging safer drivers amongst young independent P-Platers is our unique Daily Report. It clearly shows where improvements on speed, turning, braking and accelerating are needed but it also encourages young drivers by showing improvements and giving parents peace of mind.

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What Do Parents & Teens Think About Jeenee Co-Pilot?

We've Answered Your Jeenee Co-Pilot Questions!

Jeenee Co-Pilot P-Plate Driver Coaching Tool Q&A

What Key Driving Performance Behaviours Will We Be Able See?

The Jeenee Co-Pilot will help you see improvements in regards to speed, harsh accelerating, harsh turning and harsh breaking. You will also be able to track driving times and set an alarm for driving outside a curfew (night driving for P1 drivers is recognised as the most dangerous time to drive).

Jeenee Co-Pilot P-Plate Driver Coaching Tool Q&A

Will My Teen Think I'm Spying On Them?

No because the device is always visible. In fact, the Jeenee Co-Pilot works best when you and your young driver work together to improve their driving skills. Simply by being accountable for their driving activity, P-plate drivers will make a bigger effort to drive safely. Parents take an active role as a mentor and coach to provide support and advice. Teamwork is the key to encouraging safer driving.

Jeenee Co-Pilot P-Plate Driver Coaching Tool Q&A

My child has earned their independence, why would I take that away?

We believe that you can trust your kids to drive independently while you support them and help them become better drivers. Research shows that the 1st year a young person drives on their P-plates is the most dangerous. The Jeenee Co-Pilot will not stop them from making inevitable mistakes rather it helps the learn from their mistakes so they learn to become better, safer drivers.

Jeenee Co-Pilot P-Plate Driver Coaching Tool Q&A

Can The Jeenee Co-Pilot Help Find My Car?

The Jeenee Co-Pilot App allows you to locate your car in case of theft, an accident or car break-down. The Jeenee Co-Pilot uses GPS technology, so you have peace of mind knowing you can locate your car when needed.


The Jeenee Co-Pilot is simple to set up in any car (built after 1997). Once you plug the Co-Pilot device into your OBDII port and set up the Jeenee Co-Pilot App on your smart phone you are set! You'll get a daily report and real time alerts to give mentors a clear view of a drivers performance, allowing for discussion and tracking improvements.

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Just the fact that the Jeenee Co-Pilot is in a car, and reporting performance back to the app, will encourage safer driving from a young driver. The daily reports and alerts give mentors and learners a starting point for open dialogue. The visual representation of a drivers performance is the best way to learn and encourage safer driving amongst the most at risk group of drivers.

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That moment they drive solo for the first time no longer needs to be stressful. The Jeenee Co-Pilot allows parents and carers to monitor performance from afar. Safe driving time zones can be set up and you'll always know where your car is with its GPS technology, helping locate the car  if an breakdown or accident were to occur. The Jeenee Co-Pilot offers real peace of mind.

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Know The Statistics About Young Drivers

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Encouraging Safer Driving.

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