Jeenee Assist

Jeenee Assist

A senior woman clutching her chest and fallen on the floor of her home needing help with her glasses and walking stick out of reach

Jeenee Assist - Freedom With Peace Of Mind

The Personal Alarm Works Every Time

You will always know that your loved ones are safe when they have a Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm with them, wherever they go.

Jeenee Mobile’s new Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm offers freedom with peace of mind, knowing that in the event of an accident, emergency or fall – help is only the push of a button away.

Studies around the world show that people over the age of 65 are at a higher risk of life threatening injuries. Jeenee Assist provides the reassurance that help is available, whenever and wherever it is needed.

Unlike other similar personal alarms, the Jeenee Assist has a number of stand out features that the other personal safety alarms don’t. Plus, you’ll always be confident that you are supported 24/7 by Australian Company Jeenee Mobile from the moment you make the purchase.

The Jeenee Assist personal alert system gives those you love the opportunity to live their best life, with peace of mind, knowing that help is just the press of a button away.

Offering Complete Flexibility with Rent or Buy Outright Options

Price starts from just $29.90 per month

Why Jeenee Assist is the personal alarm that offers Independence and Peace of Mind....

Works When YOU Need It

You never have to worry about how much credit is left or run the risk of having no credit when you need it most. The Jeenee Assist comes standard with 60 minutes of talk and 100 texts for only $7.90 per month (included in the Rental fee). Automatic top ups of 60 minutes of talk and 100 texts for only $5 per top up in the event that you use up all your monthly allowance. This gives you the security of knowing the alarm will work when you need it most.

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Emergency Call Up To 5 People

SOS emergency call button which when pushed for 3 seconds will automatically send text messages to up to 5 contacts with details of the users location. This information is accessed by clicking on the link which will then take you to google maps. The unit then will dial the 5 contacts in order until someone answers the call

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Flexible Payment Options

No need to out lay hundreds of dollars to get the peace of mind you need. Rent your Jeenee Assist from as little as $29.90 per month and as short as 3 months or buy outright for $349.00, plus $7.90 per month for network coverage. This makes it cost effective for anyone to enjoy the peace of mind the Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm provides.

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Jeenee Assist Personal SOS Alarm Features:

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The personal SOS Alarm that always works when you need it.

Visit the Jeenee Assist Website for full details on features and pricing.