Jeenee Co-Pilot – Encouraging Safer Driving

Jeenee Co-Pilot – Encouraging Safer Driving

Jeenee Co-Pilot is the innovative plug-in car device plus app that keeps teen drivers safe by encouraging safer driving. It encourages accountability while giving parents the tools to coach their P-Plate drivers without being in the car.

P-plate drivers are estimated to be 33 times more likely to have a crash than L-plate drivers.

Learning REALLY starts the day they get their P-Plates and now there is an innovative coaching tool to allow parents and carers to mentor without being in the car. Simply by knowing the Jeenee Co-Pilot is there, young driver will be encouraged to drive more safely because parents can now get REAL TIME ALERTS on their young drivers performance. The Jeenee Co-Pilot encourages accountability and allows P-Platers to continue on their learning journey as parents have the tools that encourage discussion and coaching.

Jeenee Co-Pilot has a DAILY REPORTS with key driving performance indicators, allowing parents and carers to start the conversation with kids. Adults now have a visual tool to discuss risk areas with their kids, monitor driving improvements and help them to stay safe when driving solo.

The Jeenee Co-Pilot App allows you to set up SAFE DRIVING TIMES where you will be alerted when the car is being used during unsafe periods.

You will know exactly where your car is with the Jeenee Co-Pilot GPS technology. In case of an accident or car break-down, you have peace of mind knowing you can LOCATE YOUR CAR by looking at the Jeenee Co-Pilot App.

Jeenee Co-Pilot gives you the tools to guide younger drivers from a distance - it's like an extra set of eyes on the car.

Options start from just $19.90 per month

Why Jeenee Co-Pilot Is The Innovative Way To Coach A Young Drivers....


The Jeenee Co-Pilot is simple to set up in any car (built after 1997). Once you plug the Co-Pilot device into your OBDII port and set up the Jeenee Co-Pilot App on your smart phone you are set! You'll get a daily report and real time alerts to give mentors a clear view of a drivers performance, allowing for discussion and tracking improvements.

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Just the fact that the Jeenee Co-Pilot is in a car, and reporting performance back to the app, will encourage safer driving from a young driver. The daily reports and alerts give mentors and learners a starting point for open dialogue. The visual representation of a drivers performance is the best way to learn and encourage safer driving amongst the most at risk group of drivers.

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That moment they drive solo for the first time no longer needs to be stressful. The Jeenee Co-Pilot allows parents and carers to monitor performance from afar. Safe driving time zones can be set up and you'll always know where your car is with its GPS technology, helping locate the car  if an breakdown or accident were to occur. The Jeenee Co-Pilot offers real peace of mind.

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Encouraging Safer Driving.

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