Make a Difference

Make a Difference

You can Make a Difference
By being a Jeenee Mobile customer, you're helping us help others

The Make a Difference program is at the heart of what we do. It’s the reason Jeenee Mobile was created – to help people with disabilities access and use technology to improve their lives. By being a customer with us, you are already helping us donate free services, run training programs and provide continual support for people living with a disability.

Thanks to your continued support, we’ve
donated over 200 services to people living with disability

group of people helped by the make a difference program

Helping them stay connected to their loved ones and feel safe getting out and about in the community

Jenny can call if she misses the bus or gets lost
out and about, meeting friends for coffee with a donated mobile phone as a backup
stuart smiling in his wheelchair

How technology Makes a Difference

Something as simple as being able to use a mobile phone can drastically improve a person’s life. It’s something that most of us take for granted but for a lot of people, especially those living with a disability, the idea of owning a mobile phone is often expensive or daunting. But the benefits that technology can offer are overwhelming, and over the years we’ve been lucky enough to witness the improvements it can make to so many peoples' lives. You can read some of their stories below, and see for yourself just how valuable mobile technology can be.

illustration of woman happily waiting at the bus stop, with her new independence brought by her mobile phone

With a mobile phone as a backup if anything goes wrong, a person with a disability can now get out and about and do things on their own, when previously they would need to bring a carer or family member with them.

emergency broken window can be fixed with a quick call

If something goes wrong, a mobile phone is a lifeline to family, friends and emergency services who can help provide assistance.

Mother and son staying connected with Jeenee Mobile make a difference program phone

Having a mobile phone means not only can people with a disability easily stay in contact with family, friends and carers, but they can also take advantage of new technologies including picture messaging, email and video calling.

holding hands with new confidence brought though Jeenee Mobile's not for profit donation program

Speaking to others regularly, participating in community events and getting out of the house and doing things on their own can be a massive confidence boost for people who have never had the chance to do this before.

Read some real life stories from the people who we've helped through the Make a Difference program


When Chris received a Jeenee Mobile he had never used a mobile phone before. Exploring his phone has been exciting and empowering.

Chris is a quietly spoken man with an intellectual disability who lives in a group home. He loves animals and going on holidays with his family. His phone has opened up new worlds of experience – the phone calls to his family, especially his Mother, who was so surprised when he first called him; she asked him who was calling him. Your son was his reply.

Chris now captures activities in his life through photos which he messages to his Mother. He takes photos of his holidays which he is able to show his friends at the day program he attends. Chris likes to know things. Using a weather app, he can now work out the weather in different places he has travelled to. Chris also loves numbers. Using his calculator, he does long calculations. Like other people in the community, Chris is enjoying having technology and with the easily accessible BIG Launcher screen, he is able to find the applications and contacts he needs through photo and picture recognitions. By using the Jeenee Mobile HELP Centre, Chris has become more confident having conversations, real time conversations where he can tell the others about his daily events and be more included in conversations within his own networks.

Thomas is in his mid 20’s, lives in the inner suburbs of Sydney and has a learning difficulty and no expressive speech. Having no expressive speech has meant that Thomas was reliant upon support staff to accompany him wherever he went.

Thomas received one of the first Make a Difference donations in 2013. He has had his phone set up with ‘Tap to Talk’ – a picture based communication application which he uses as a communication tool. Thomas uses his phone in a variety of ways. He now has a ‘voice’ in the selection and management of the staff that provide support to him. He is also now involved in the decision making around his own increased independence relating to travel and leisure activities. For example he is now able to purchase a train ticket from station staff by using his phone to tell them his destination (which has been loaded onto the device for him).

Having a mobile phone is a real status symbol for Amy. Amy has Downs Syndrome which makes it difficult for her to understand information unless it is very easily accessible.

With Jeenee Mobile, Amy is able to use pictures to find her contacts, she is able to make calls to her friends and have real time conversations. This has given Amy a new confidence. She rings the Jeenee HELP Centre to tell them about her day and to gain greater confidence in what to say when using her phone. The confidence she has gained through using her phone has improved her communication generally as she has been given an opportunity to develop conversation skills in a safe environment with the assistance of the Jeenee Mobile HELP Centre staff as well as times when she calls her friends. Amy is learning to use the camera and now sends messages to her family telling them about her day.

Rodney has cerebral palsy and lives in the western suburbs of Sydney. Rodney received his donated service in 2013. Fiercely independent, Rodney uses the 24/7 HELP Services to assist him if he encounters problems with public transport, and taxis or to contact his service provider to advise them that he may arrive home later than scheduled. Through the Make a Difference Program Rodney now has a mechanism that provides him with immediate HELP if and when he needs it when he is out and about in the community.

Mary lives in Sydney’s northern suburbs. She has a learning difficulty and sometimes requires additional support to continue to live independently. Mary uses her Make a Difference donation to assist her to travel independently and has also used the 24/7 HELP Service when she was unwell and required an ambulance. In that instance Mary contacted the HELP Centre and advised the consultant that she felt that she needed an ambulance. The consultant called for an ambulance and stayed on the line with Mary until they arrived and then spoke to the ambulance officers to advise them of the issue.

Where you fit in

If you’re a Jeenee Mobile customer, you are already helping us provide free services to those who need it most.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to contribute to the Make a Difference program. As a business with a social purpose, we're dedicated to giving back to the community. So just by being a Jeenee Mobile customer, you're making a difference with every dollar spent.

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If you or someone you know would benefit from a donated service as part of our Make a Difference program, you can fill out our application form by clicking on the button below. We’ll assess your application and if eligible, you will be added to our waiting list to receive a free 12 month subscription to our $9.90 SIM pack plus our full 24/7 HELP package (including GPS locator service, 24/7 HELP service and range of accessible apps).

To fill out the application form you will need:

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