Data Packs

Data Packs

Our Data Packs
Run out of data? Add more whenever you need

Our data packs come in three sizes:

  • 1GB for $10
  • 2.5GB for $20
  • 4GB for $30

If you find yourself running out of data during the month, you can easily add a data pack to top you up until your data allowance resets. Adding a data pack is a lot cheaper than paying excess data charges, so we recommend you call us to add one as soon as you find yourself running out.

a 1GB data pack costs $12 and a 2.5GB data pack costs $20 and a 4GB data pack costs $30

Are data packs compatible with your plan?

Data packs can be applied to all plans launched after May 2015. If you are on one of our older plans, you will need to change to one of the new plans before you can use data packs. Most customers find our new plans to be better value, and changing plans is as simple as calling us on 1300 054 631.