Home Wireless Broadband

Home Wireless Broadband

Jeenee Mobile Home Wireless Broadband the real alternative to the NBN

Jeenee Mobile's Home Wireless Broadband is the perfect solution for people who can't get or just don't want the NBN. Home Wireless Broadband is the flexible and wireless way to get the internet in your home. With No Contracts and simple, easy set up, Home Wireless Broadband is great for renters and others who are looking for a connection free option.

250GB Data
$49 /mth Cost of 1MB of data for use in Aust - $0.000196/MB
Speeds Up to 12/1 Mbps Download/Upload
Huawei B525 Modem $189.00 Upfront
No Lock-in Contract

A genuine alternative to the NBN for only $49 per month

- Free SIM and delivery

- 250GB included Data

- No lock-in contracts

- Speeds up to 12/1Mbps

- Uses the Optus mobile network

- Setup is simple, easy, reliable & fast

- Add your Huawei 4G Wifi Modem - $189.90

Huawei B525 4G wifi modem

Broadband without the Wires, Waiting, or Worries - with setup that's FAST, Simple and Easy!

Wireless Broadband
Using the Optus 4G plus network, Home Wireless Broad provides speeds of up to 12/1 Mbps (download / upload) - subject to location
Generous Data
With 250GB of included data per month, there's enough data for the entire family to stream to their heart's content
Get online FAST!
No technician is required to set up. Simply plug-in your supplied Huawei B525 wifi modem, turn it on and you're online. Simple, Fast, Easy!
$20 Coupon for jeenee.shop

Important Info

  • Home Wireless Broadband is a post-paid month-to-month service. You can cancel at any time by giving 30-days notice.
  • The service uses the Optus Mobile Network and speeds of up to 12/1Mbps (download / upload) can be achieved where access to the 2300MHz spectrum is possible (speeds of up to 5/1Mbps are achievable elsewhere). A service qualification check will be completed prior to despatch of the modem and SIM to ensure service availability at your nominated address.
  • The service includes 250GB of data each month. Unused data expires each month and does not rollover. Once you’ve used your monthly Data Allowance of 250GB the speed of your service will be shaped to 256kbps and excess data will be charged at a rate of $12.00 per 10GB billed in increments of 10GB. Data usage includes uploads and downloads. A maximum of 5 x 10GB Data Top-ups can be applied per month. Should usage exceed 300GB (250GB plus 5x10GB Top-ups) the service will be restricted. Please note that any service restriction will occur subject to network delays (which may take up to 24 hours) and you will be charged for any excess usage in excess of 300GB at a rate of $0.002 per MB.
  • The service can only be used with the supplied Huawei B525 wifi modem. The included SIM card will not work in a different device and should not be removed from the modem.
  • This plan must be paid via Direct Debit from a nominated credit card. An active credit card authority must be maintained on your account at all times.
  • $20 Coupon Terms & Conditions

    (a) The coupon entitles the user to a $20 discount off their first order on Jeenee.Shop. The discount is valid on orders with a minimum order value of $50.

    (b) The coupon cannot be exchanged for cash, is only valid for use within Jeenee.Shop and cannot be used for credit on any Jeenee Mobile SIM only Voice, Mobile Broadband (Data Only) or Home Wireless Broadband plan.

    (c) The coupon is only issued with a valid Jeenee Mobile SIM voice, data or Home Wireless Broadband order placed through this page.

    (d) The promotion will commence from 06/09/2018 and will run until withdrawn by Jeenee Mobile.

    (e) We reserve the right to cancel any coupons that are not accompanied by a valid Jeenee Order Number (JMO).

    (f) The coupon can only be used once, and can't be used in conjunction with any other offers. Please note: only one coupon can be used on any one order at a time.

    (g) The coupon expires 14-days after it has been issued.

Coverage Map
Check if you can get Home Wireless Broadband reception at your address

Home Wireless Broadband uses the Optus mobile network. Enter your address into the map below. Home Wireless Broadband is available if you have 4G coverage at your address.

A formal service quality check will be done prior to product despatch to ensure that Home Wireless Broadband will work at your address.